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Got questions, babe?

  • How long does a spray tan last?
    Typically, spray tans last between 7 to 10 days on the skin. This time frame is if they are maintained properly with moisturizer and avoiding chlorinated pools.
  • How do I maintain my spray tan?
    It is recommended that you moisturize daily with something that is not highly perfumed as this can dry out your skin and cause the tan to go patchy. Avoid long/hot baths and swimming in chlorinated water.
  • I want a super dark tan but only have 2 hours to leave it on for?
    Don’t fret, I stock tans that have 14 - 14.5% (high level, dark) DHA, and provide double coats free of charge to all clients!
  • During my shower, I have noticed some colour washing away?"
    This is completely normal! The colour you see washing away is just the excess bronzer. All spray tans no matter when they are washed off still take a full 12 - 24 hours to develop. Please keep this is mind when booking your tan appointment to ensure the colour is perfect for your event.
  • How do I remove the spray tan?
    Take a warm bath/shower and exfoliate with exfoliating gloves/exfoliating mitt. These days there are funky new products out such as the Bondi Sands tan remover that aids in getting rid of built up tan!
  • Help! I’m patchy!?
    This can sometimes occur when old tan has not been properly exfoliated off prior to the appointment. However, there is also a number of other factors that may be to blame such as certain medications, a hormonal imbalance, pigmentation, scarring. On the other hand, if your tan is uneven, and you think your technician has missed certain areas please do not hesitate to contact them to let them know!
  • Can I shave/wax my legs/body parts after the tan application?
    It is not recommended to shave after your tan and shaving is known to remove some skin cells which may affect your tan.
  • I’m pregnant, can I still get a spray tan?"
    Testing has found that DHA (the main ingredient in spray tan solutions), does not penetrate the skin nor enter the blood stream. Products used by Call Me Pretty are deemed cruelty free and safe for pregnant women however, check with your doctor prior to booking your appointment to confirm this is safe for you and your baby.
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