Hair Extensions

Not happy with your hair? Too short? Too thin? 
Hair Extensions are your solution! You can curl, straighten, blow dry, colour and cut them - just like your own hair! 

These days there are many Hair Extension methods around, however at Call Me Pretty I ONLY use the safest methods that ensure NO damage to your natural hair.

I specialise in the microbead and tape methods and each one has it's pro's and con's. 
As someone with  hairdressing experience I pride myself on having the in depth knowledge of hair and what will and won't work for certain hair types.

If you have considered hair extensions but don't quite know where to start, it is highly recommended you make an appointment for an in depth consultation. The consultation is free, no obligation to follow through with an appointment.

Call Me Pretty uses Indian and Russian hair. The hair comes highly recommended after years of trialing hair qualities. The Russian hair should last you between 8 - 12 months. It's ethically sourced and manufactured and is ONLY available in salons.